sandbrock ranch



Enjoy family time

Little moments add up to big memories.


Treat neighbors as friends

Good friends make for the best of times.


Be active
and healthy

Well-being is a lot more than just being.


Explore and

Open minds open doors to new adventures.


with nature

The grass is always greener when your toes are in it.


Find Fun

Smiling and laughing
are important–seriously!

Our community is inspired by an equestrian heritage and a natural connection to the land. It’s a place for family traditions, friendly neighbors, and ample possibilities for living active, healthy and happy.


We have a deep love for this land, and wanted to pass it on to family – in this case, extended family. Sandbrock Ranch is for those who love big Texas skies, embrace simple pleasures, and yearn to live in a house that is well-built and in a community they are proud to call home.

Sandbrock Ranch Community



Aubrey, Texas is known as “horse country”–which is definitely part of our new community’s legacy. We are inspired by the majesty and romance of horses, keeping a roam-free and ride-hard perspective in developing Sandbrock Ranch for you to enjoy.

Connected to Nature

Our love and respect for nature runs deep. Sandbrock Ranch is a community built in harmony with the land’s lush meadows, native trees, meandering creeks, sparkling lakes and inviting paths. Enjoy the natural beauty around you and let the landscape be the setting for daily fun and adventure.

Discover true living at Sandbrock Ranch.

Find out more about family moments, good friends, an active lifestyle and fun times at Sandbrock Ranch.