The Lookout Treehouse

We have elevated the adventure! Nestled under a green canopy and located near Carriage House is The Lookout, the Sandbrock Ranch multi level treehouse. Inspiration for this exciting amenity came from nostalgic memories of simple outdoor play. The Lookout beckons to explorers young and old alike. Here, natural curiosity, a spirit of exploration, and creative imagination fuel the fun.


The only way is up in this multi level treehouse built under the shade of leafy branches. Enjoy the climb and the epic view from the top. The real magic of The Lookout is that it can be whatever you want it to be: a secret hideout, the crow’s nest of a pirate ship on the high seas, or a spaceship on its way to a new galaxy.


What goes up must come down. But what a fun way down! The star feature of the Sandbrock Ranch treehouse are its two spiral-shaped, three-story slides. Climb, slide, squeal with laughter, repeat! It’s fun that will make your whole world spin.

SBR slide


The Lookout’s many decks let you enjoy our beautiful natural surroundings and provide wonderful shaded spaces to play and unplug outdoors. Grab a book, bring a board game, set up the telescope, launch paper airplanes, or have a picnic. At The Lookout, old-fashioned activities turn into new-fangled fun.

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