Best Places to Work Remotely in Dallas

The idea of working from home has been around for a long time, but more and more of us have been working remotely over the past few years. Even as the coronavirus pandemic fades, the move toward remote work seems to be here to stay. Why not? Working from home offers numerous benefits for both companies and workers. Remote workers frequently report less stress, an improved work-life balance, and even more productivity and focus. Remote work has also allowed workers to relocate to places that better fit their lifestyle and needs rather than having to find a home that’s close to their place of employment. Plenty of research has gone into finding the best places to work remotely, and a recent and far-reaching study has noted that Plano and Frisco are the best places to work remotely in Dallas.

A recent study conducted by LawnStarter and subsequently picked up by The New York Times ranked 200 of the largest cities in the country to show which were the best places to work remotely. The findings were based on factors such as the availability of high-speed internet services, cost of living, financial incentives offered by local governments, and more.

In all, some 26 cities throughout Texas made the list. Among those, Plano and Frisco both ranked at the very top. For those who don’t know the area well, Plano and Frisco are considered northern suburbs of Dallas, and both are close to home here in Aubrey, Texas, where Sandbrock Ranch is located.

In fact, Plano was the study’s “gold medalist” for 2023, named the leader of the best places to work remotely in Dallas, with Frisco not far behind. What gave these two cities the edge? The study cited such diverse factors as cost of living (Texas has no state income tax, which doesn’t hurt), household income, availability of broadband internet, low crime rates, and more. Here at Sandbrock Ranch, we were particularly happy that the study pointed out the “spacious homes” that folks in the suburbs north of Dallas enjoy.

Of course, we’ve known for some time that Texas is one of the most popular states in the country for those who’re looking for good job opportunities, a booming economy, lower cost of living, great weather, unique culture, and top-rated schools. It should probably come as no surprise that Texas is also one of the best places to work remotely. After all, remote workers benefit from many of the same amenities and advantages that make Texas such a great place for other workers to call home. We welcome all remote workers (and otherwise) to Sandbrock Ranch!

In fact, we believe that there’s no better place to work from home than in a beautiful new home from one of our premier home builders here at the Ranch. Not only will you enjoy all the advantages of life in one of the most remote-work-friendly regions in the country, but you’ll also get to experience our “Live True” lifestyle, with its emphasis on close family, good neighbors, and a close-knit community—not to mention a future filled with special memories, new traditions, and fun adventures! You’ll find all that, along with spacious homes that are built with your lifestyle in mind, when you visit Sandbrock Ranch and tour wonderful new homes from some of the best home builders in the country. Come see us today!

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