From the Horse’s Mouth – New Year, New Home

Get a glimpse of what life is like at Sandbrock Ranch through the eyes of Sandbrock Ranch’s very own resident, Karen H. From the first days of discovering our one-of-a-kind community to building her family’s very own dream home, read up on Karen’s experience straight from the horse’s mouth.

New Year, New Home

January 2019


A new year is here, and we are in the final stages of home construction. What does that look like? Appliances have now been installed, as well as fencing and landscaping. Soon we will have our final walkthrough, at which time we will be given a detailed tour of the home and instructions on how to operate everything. If there are any final touchups to be done, they will be noted during this meeting and addressed before closing. I can almost see those shiny new keys being handed to us!


Although it’s still winter in north Texas, I feel a sense of springtime every time I visit Sandbrock Ranch. Houses are sprouting up everywhere, with construction crews hard at work. New trees and grass have been planted along the winding streets in the community. White cross-buck fencing now encloses the ranch’s front pastures. The catch-and-release fishing lakes have come alive with fountains, and soon they will be stocked with thousands of fish. The most adorable new addition, though, has to be the seven Oreo cows! It really feels like a ranch now.


That new feeling extends beyond the fences of Sandbrock Ranch. Everywhere you look along Highway 380, you’ll see exciting commercial development. Hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, a movie theater and restaurants have opened (or are coming soon). Best of all, Sandbrock Ranch will have its very own on-site elementary school! Kiddos will able to walk to and from school, saying howdy to the cows as they walk past them in their nearby pasture.


Speaking of kids and animals, we’re empty-nesters but we do have two dogs who will be moving with us into our new home. We’ve taken them with us a few times and they have loved sniffing the fresh country air. If you have pets or children, one of the best home design choices you can make is easy-maintenance flooring. We chose plank tile for the entire house and it looks amazing! It will be so easy to clean, too. I’m also excited about our covered patio. It will be a wonderful, shaded space for all of us to enjoy.


I’m also looking forward to walking my dogs along the community’s six miles of trails. With more than 80 acres of green space, the surrounding trails are sure to be enjoyable. If you happen to also be going for a walk one day, I’ll be easy to spot – I have two white polar bears, otherwise known as Great Pyrenees. Bred to be livestock guardian dogs, they are known as the gentle giants of the dog world. They love anything that’s small, whether it’s goats, sheep, chickens or children.


If I have any advice to someone contemplating a move, I would say to just get in your car and come see this place — one visit will convince you! Tour the model homes here, then drive along the streets and see the unique amenities. This is a lifestyle that you won’t find elsewhere. It’s a place where you will be able to connect with nature in a variety of ways. You can fish, hike, swim, play or just relax — it’s all up to you. And me? I’m all about feeling some serenity right about now. Recently, I visited my new house to check out the new grass, shrubs and trees that had been planted. The day was sunny and cool; I took a few minutes to sit on my covered patio and soak it all in. I closed my eyes and the only sounds I heard were the call of a high-flying hawk and the distant, hypnotic buzz of a small airplane. Coming from a bustling (and noisy) city, it felt so peaceful. I sat there for a good half-hour and felt the stress of a busy life melt away. Wishing that for you, too.


As corny as it may sound, I can’t wait to use the line, “Let’s head back to the ranch.” I have a wonderful feeling that once I move in, my new home will always be my favorite place to be.

–Karen[vc_single_image image=”18781″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][lab_hs_forms hs_title=”Let us help you find your new home.” portal_id=”4151365″ form_id=”7acb97f5-8df7-4e38-92d0-91d0b42011b8″]

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