HOA 101: Always There for Present and Future Residents

Here at Sandbrock Ranch, life is about living every day to its fullest, exploring and experiencing new things, enjoying time with family, and being active and healthy. One way that we help all our residents enjoy ranch life is by offering a wide range of amenities, from expansive pool areas to fully stocked fishing lakes and nature trails, all nestled in beautiful North Texas.

But our amenities are just part of the package. Sandbrock Ranch life also brings together good neighbors to form a connected community that’s warm, welcoming, and considerate. We believe in treating neighbors as friends. It’s one of our Sandbrock Ranch Values, all of which have gone into our Sandbrock Ranch HOA, which helps to make all of this a reality.

A homeowners’ association, or HOA, is a non-profit organization created by a developer during the beginning stages of a master-planned community like Sandbrock Ranch. The first HOAs were established in the United States in the 1800s, and they grew in popularity beginning in the 1960s.

HOAs do many things, but their principal purposes are to enhance the lives of residents, increase property values, and maintain the community’s overall aesthetic appeal. At Sandbrock Ranch, our HOA does all that and more!

HOA 101

The Benefits of the Sandbrock Ranch HOA

It is through our HOA that we’re able to provide our residents with access to shared amenities such as the Carriage House, swimming pool, fitness center, fishing lakes, outdoor paths, and more. Because they are shared property, these amenities are maintained by the HOA so that all of our residents can enjoy them.

The HOA management team also plans and executes our active lifestyle calendar, providing all of the fun events that our residents have come to expect. These events keep neighbors connected and encourage a sense of community.

It is also the job of the HOA to communicate about updates and events that affect the whole community, to let residents know about opportunities to get involved, and to oversee and enforce the established rules and regulations identified in the community Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). All of this helps make Sandbrock Ranch a great place to live every day!

How the Sandbrock Ranch HOA Operates

Because HOAs are incorporated non-profits, they are subject to state and federal laws. They’re also governed by a board of directors. During the initial phases of development, this board is appointed by the community developer. As Sandbrock Ranch begins to grow, two additional homeowner representatives will be added, bringing the board up to five members. Once Sandbrock Ranch sells its last lot to an owner, control of the HOA will transition to a full homeowner board consisting of no more than seven members.

The Sandbrock Ranch HOA has a contract with CCMC, a community association management company based in Scottsdale, AZ, to manage the day-to-day operations of Sandbrock Ranch and its homeowners’ association. This means that while the HOA board of directors helps to guide the community, CCMC HOA does all the heavy lifting.

Founded in 1973, CCMC is in the business of helping to build communities by bringing people together in the neighborhoods where they live. Operating in 10 states and managing more than 200 HOAs, the CCMC has the responsibility of implementing the policies and decisions made by the board of directors, managing the financial aspect of the HOA, supervising the companies contracted to work on-site, enforcing the covenants of the community, and overseeing the amenities and other common areas.

Sandbrock Ranch has an on-site CCMC HOA management team who oversee the planning and implementation of all of our lifestyle programming and is in charge of HOA communications. All team members have years of experience in community management, giving CCMC the ability to provide efficient and time-sensitive solutions to community needs and to answer any questions that residents may have.

For more information about CCMC, please visit www.CCMCnet.com.

Sandbrock Ranch’s HOA Governing Documents

Sandbrock Ranch’s HOA is governed by rules and regulations stated in the legally binding declaration in the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) of the community. When a homeowner purchases a home in Sandbrock Ranch, he or she automatically becomes a member of the HOA and is therefore bound by the CC&Rs. Part of being a good neighbor is knowing the community, and a part of knowing the community is understanding the governing documents that bind our community together.

HOA Assessments and How Residents Pay Them

Each household in Sandbrock Ranch pays an annual assessment of $780 to the HOA, collected on a quarterly basis in installments of $195. These funds help to pay for a variety of maintenance work on common areas and infrastructure, as well as the general operation of Sandbrock Ranch.

Maintenance covered by these assessments includes upkeep and necessary repairs of common areas and amenities, including repairing damage to sidewalks and fences. Operating expenses include utilities and insurance, as well as contract expenses such as landscaping, pest control, and so on. The HOA assessments at Sandbrock Ranch also help to contribute to our vibrant lifestyle program that makes Sandbrock Ranch such a great place to live!

If you want to learn more about our master-planned community, you can keep up with what’s going on at Sandbrock Ranch via our blog or fill out the contact form below for more info. Residents and HOA members can also contact any member of the management team with questions or to learn more about our governing documents at any time.

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