How Millennials are Changing the Housing Market in 2024

Ask any real estate professional about the current state of the market, and they’ll probably tell you that the Texas housing market—and the housing market all over the country—is experiencing a massive shift, driven by the preferences and interests of millennial home shoppers. As millennials start families and settle into careers, they are also entering the housing market in droves, and selling to millennials is having seismic effects on the housing market overall. To understand how millennials are changing the housing market, you have to understand the desires and demands that are driving that change, from smart-home technology to sustainable construction and beyond.

Millennials want new homes. Buying an existing house and renovating it to fit your needs appeals to some homebuyers, but for many millennials, their desire for modern home technology and a location that caters to their active lifestyle means that they’re increasingly leaning toward to new construction homes. It doesn’t hurt that newer homes are more likely to be built using the kinds of green construction initiatives that many millennials prioritize.

Millennials want smart homes. The first generation to be raised with regular access to the internet and smart devices such as phones and tablets, it’s no surprise that millennials regard the integration of technology as an essential part of daily life. So, it probably also shouldn’t come as a surprise that 86% of millennials are willing to pay more for a home if it already includes smart technology such as keyless locks, security systems, video doorbells, and more.

Millennials want the suburban life. Many millennials are used to the convenience and opportunities that come with urban living, but when it comes time to buy a house, they find that urban homes are a bit too expensive. This is leading millennials to do what previous generations have done and flock to the suburbs, where they can find the family- and pet-friendly features that they crave, at a price that’s more in keeping with their budget. Plus, with more and more millennials working from home, commute times play less of a role in deciding where to live than they once did.

What can Sandbrock Ranch offer millennials? All the things that they’re looking for in a home and so much more! When you look at how millennials are changing the housing market , you’ll see that everything they demand from a dream home is already in place at Sandbrock Ranch, from big-city conveniences to a small-town atmosphere, and from smart-home technology to world-class amenities and plenty of walkable green spaces. And for those who are setting out to buy their first home, Sandbrock Ranch is even offering upcoming events such as our Homebuyers Brunch & Bootcamp to help explain the home-buying process to beginners!

When it comes to selling to millennials—or anyone else—we believe that our “Live True” lifestyle here at Sandbrock Ranch speaks for itself. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Then schedule a tour today!

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