A+ Schools Zoned to Sandbrock Ranch!

It’s almost time for school to start again! Everything is so exciting and new this time of year: new school clothes, new textbooks, new pens and pencils, new friends, and, for many in the community, new schools in Denton ISD! That’s right! We’re lucky to have not only 1 on-site elementary school, but all the great schools zoned to Sandbrock Ranch in the Denton ISD school district. ­­

Ready to learn a little more about the new schools in Denton ISD that are right here at Sandbrock Ranch? Let’s start with Cheek Middle School, where the Chargers run wild! Sandbrock Ranch scholars in 6th to 8th grade will attend this newest gem in the Denton ISD family. It’s opening this fall, so it’s one of the newest schools around. Guided by the inspirational Dr. Beth Kelly, Cheek Middle School is nestled in nearby Prosper and provides an enriching academic curriculum, dyna­­­mic athletic programs, and diverse opportunities to ignite your child’s passions. The school’s name honors the legacy of beloved teacher Pat Hagen Cheek, and it’s a place where budding learners prepare to “charge” toward their brightest futures!

Sandbrock Ranch Elementary is where young Champions are nurtured! Our youngest residents can walk or bike to class while enjoying all of the advantages of one of the top-rated school districts in the region. Led by the esteemed Claire Springer, our resident Pre-K through 5th graders can embark on a learning journey right in their own backyard. The unique Sandbrock Stables program cultivates character and leadership while fostering camaraderie. Other notable offerings include a STEM lab, a collab lab, and an orchestra program. Special programs focused on social-emotional learning and gifted education provide fertile ground for cultivating well-rounded learners and future leaders.

Founded in 2016, Braswell High School is the home of the Bengals—not to mention award-winning architecture. Under the guidance of Dr. Lesli Guajardo, Braswell High champions the four C’s of learning: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The school is named for revered Denton ISD educator Dr. Ray Braswell, and it empowers 9th to 12th graders with unparalleled academic and extracurricular programs, from Air Force Jr. ROTC to Future Farmers of America. Braswell’s unique “learning houses” foster intimate and engaging learning experiences, helping to prepare students for life’s challenges.

All three are zoned to Denton ISD. If you’re familiar with Denton ISD school ratings, you’ll know that’s a very good thing. Named one of the best school districts in Texas, Denton ISD enjoys an overall A rating and has been singled out in categories such as diversity, teachers, and college prep, to name just a few.

There is so much A+ news surrounding Denton ISD and the schools at Sandbrock Ranch, and we can’t wait to welcome back the sight of school buses and the thrill of new textbooks, new friends, and new adventures! Here’s to a school year filled with discovery, teamwork, and fun-filled learning! Let’s make this school year our best one yet!

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