Oreo Cows


We do things a little differently at Sandbrock Ranch. Even our cows are extraordinary. Our seven steers are Belted Galloways, more commonly called “Belties” or “Oreo®” cows because of their rich coat marked with a distinctive wide white stripe and their resemblance to the popular chocolate sandwich cookie with a crème center. The Belted Galloways cows originated from western Scotland and once fully grown usually weigh in at 700-800 pounds. This breed is double-coated to allow them to thrive in harsh winter climates and shed their wavy coat in the summer to help with warmer climates. Our residents were given the special task of selecting each cow’s name, each as unique as their individual personalities.

Bandit is quick on his feet. And, he is just a bit mischievous, often stirring up fun with his brothers.
We call him C&C for short! Like the ice cream that inspired his name, he is a perfect blend of sweet and sweeter.
Cookies & Cream
Just like his name implies, Double Stuffed is our biggest “Oreo.” He moves a little slower, except at meal time.
Double Stuffed
Mudpie is the most playful in the group. He hops around to initiate play with the other “Oreos” and nearby horses.
The only “red” in the herd, he is also the leader of the pack. Our other Oreos follow him wherever he goes.
Tux thinks pretty highly of
himself and wants you to know it.
He often gives a shout out to
passerbys with a big “moo.”
Domino wiggles his ears when he is happy. It’s his “tell.” And what makes him happy? Chatting with resident dogs through the fence posts.

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