Advantages of Planned Community Onsite Schools

For parents, the quality of nearby schools is a major factor in choosing where you buy a home. We know that this is actually an important consideration for all homebuyers as it can contribute to the lasting value of your new home. That’s why Sandbrock Ranch is proud to be a part of the esteemed Denton Independent School District. Our community is zoned to several great schools in Denton ISD, including our very own onsite elementary school.

We decided early on that an onsite elementary school would be beneficial to our residents and the school district as a whole. And countless residents have told us that deciding to live in a planned community with onsite schools was one of the best decisions they ever made. Having onsite community schools as well as close-by schools provides important advantages for parents, children, and the community.

For starters, the school truly feels like part of the community. It’s easier to get to know teachers, staff, and other parents and students. It’s easier to get involved, too. Parents can more readily attend parent-teacher conferences, serve on the school board, or become a part of the PTO. It’s easy for families to attend school functions, athletic events, or school activities. More than that, though, having a school as part of the community makes it central to building relationships among parents, teachers, students, and other community members, which helps our kids feel safer and more comfortable, allowing us to further enrich their lives.

With a planned community onsite school getting to and from school is quick and easy! That means less hectic mornings and more relaxed afternoons. No more driving your kids long distances or loading them onto a bus. And because Sandbrock Ranch has smoothly paved sidewalks throughout our community, your kiddos can walk or even ride their bikes to school with you or friends on those nice Texas days. (Older students have it pretty good too! Sandbrock Ranch middle schoolers will enjoy a short commute with the soon-to-be opening Pat Cheek Middle School, located only 5 minutes from Sandbrock Ranch, near the intersection of Fishtrap Road and FM 1385 in eastern Denton County.)

For those who live a little further from tour onsite school and choose to drive, onsite schools make for a safer commute. That’s because school drop-offs and pickups don’t involve travel through busy intersections or on high traffic roads. And speed limits are lower on the residential roads in master-planned communities like Sandbrock Ranch.

Another advantage of a planned community with onsite schools, is having a network of neighbors who support our youngest residents. These families keep a caring eye out for students as they go to and from school. As you get to know others in the community and build new relationships, you can organize groups who walk to school together, create study or playgroups, and continue to enjoy our Live True value of treating neighbors as friends. There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and we here at Sandbrock Ranch agree!

You want the best for your children, and we do too! Most of our youngest residents attend the Aubrey onsite elementary school in our master-planned community. Established in 2022, the new Sandbrock Ranch Elementary at 3690 Hunter Street serves Pre-K through 5th-grade students as part of the Denton Independent School District (Denton ISD).

Our onsite school is just another part of the “Live True” lifestyle that we embrace here at Sandbrock Ranch, celebrating close family, good neighbors, and a tight-knit community where you can build a future full of special times, new traditions, and fun adventures for the whole family!

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