We Love Our Residents: New Home Testimonials from Our Community!

November is the season of gratitude, and at Sandbrock Ranch, we thought it would be a good idea to take a moment to reflect on the heart of our community. No, we don’t mean our beautiful homes from world-class builders or our selection of top-notch amenities; we mean our cherished residents. After all, a community is more than just a collection of houses and playgrounds. A community is defined by the people who live there. Each and every family in Sandbrock Ranch brings their own story to the community and forms new memories and unforgettable experiences while living here. We love our residents, and we’re profoundly thankful for every family that has chosen to call Sandbrock Ranch their new home or their forever home.

Of course, we want all of our residents to be as happy to be here as we are to have them, and our residents have said many wonderful things about our community over the years. We thought we would take this time to share a few new home testimonials from our beloved residents. In reading these, we hope you’ll feel the deep sense of gratitude and joy that we have for being a part of this vibrant community.

The Romero Family

The family feels at Sandbrock Ranch sealed the deal for the Romeros. “Everybody here is amazing, great people.” They found a Highland Home with a floor plan that “kinda knocked our socks off” and started on their dream home. “The build process was fantastic. We got everything that we, literally, wanted.”

The Davis-Mitchell Family

“Why we chose Sandbrock is because it has a lot of country feeling, and we like that.” The Davis-Mitchells are admitted “horse fanatics.” They’re also big fans of the bike trails and the dog park—“and don’t forget the food trucks!” They bought a Coventry Home because “they seem like they care about the product they produce.” The Davis-Mitchells love living in a master-planned community. “Everyone is so accommodating and inviting and friendly. It makes you feel included.”

The Williford Family

The Willifords bought a David Weekley home in Sandbrock Ranch to be closer to their grandkids, who love the treehouse, the playground, and the pool at the Ranch. “They call it ‘home.’” Of course, the Willifords themselves love it, too. “We have a lot of friends in the neighborhood, and they come from everywhere. It’s just an enjoyable, welcoming, relaxing place to live.”

Here at Sandbrock Ranch, we love our residents, and we love having the Romeros, the Davis-Mitchells, and the Willifords as part of our master-planned community. We are so thankful for all of our wonderful residents. They’re what truly makes our community such a great place to live, and we couldn’t be happier that they found their forever home among our selection of classic homes from world-class homebuilders such as Highland Homes, Coventry Homes, and David Weekley Homes. Ready to become a part of our Ranch family? Schedule a tour today!

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