Why We Love Aubrey, TX

Did you know? Aubrey, Texas ranks in the top 50 of the 2019 Top Places to Live in the Dallas Suburbs! Why? There are lots of reasons—almost more than we could ever list—but we can tell you that folks love Aubrey’s unique heritage, small-town charm, and the abundance of open countryside that surrounds us.

We also can’t forget to mention the access to all the shopping and amenities that comes with living just outside of Dallas! We’d be tempted to say that Aubrey is the best-kept secret in Texas, but the population in and around this North Texas hideaway is consistently growing year over year, so it’s obvious that the secret is out!

Sandbrock Ranch is proud to call this historic little city home, and those who have lived at our master-planned community in Aubrey and experienced all the town has to offer know how special this North Texas gem really is. For those who are new to the area or shopping for new homes in Texas, here’s a bit more on what makes Aubrey (as well as Sandbrock Ranch) so unique and special to those of us who call this corner of the region home.

Aubrey Fact #1: Aubrey, Texas is near major North Texas cities and area conveniences. We’re just twelve miles northeast of Denton, forty miles north of Dallas, and twenty miles away from Plano and Frisco in picturesque Denton County.

When it comes to defining small-town charm, we think that Aubrey, Texas belongs in the dictionary. What is small town charm? Most folks would say that it’s embodied by a place that’s relaxed and genuine, filled with quaint, locally owned stores, and neighbors who treat you like friends. Throw in some scenic natural landscapes and loads of personality, and you’ll find that Aubrey has all that and so much more!

Aubrey was founded in 1867 just after the end of the Civil War. A lot has changed in the course of our 150-or-so-year history, but the town still maintains its old-fashioned charm. Historic downtown Aubrey stretches along Main Street and is home to a number of local businesses as well as City Hall, the Aubrey City Park, and historically preserved buildings and churches that reflect the history of Aubrey’s earliest settlers.

Local stores and resident favorites include Casey & Co., which is owned by Sandbrock Ranch resident and homegrown Aubrey entrepreneur Marisa Stover. Casey & Co. offers handmade soaps, lotions, and fragrances created right here in Aubrey, as well as gifts and other locally-made products. Casey & Co. is also the go-to destination for approved apparel for the Aubrey ISD Chaparrals.

The area is also home to great locally-owned restaurants and cafes such as Nancy Cate’s Bakeshop, a cozy gathering place and home to one-of-a-kind cookies; the Upper Park Café, home of the pecan coffee and pecan French toast; World Famous MOMS, where new visitors are welcomed with a slice of World Famous Chocolate Cake; and Bebo’s and Kathy’s Café, which features delicious fried green tomatoes, fried catfish, live music, and burgers with four juicy patties!

Aubrey Fact #2: Aubrey got its name when the Texas and Pacific Railway arrived in 1881 to build a section house and install a post office in the railroad depot. The name “Aubrey” was one of several options, and it was chosen by drawing from a hat.

At the Sandbrock Ranch master-planned community in Aubrey, we’re motivated by a natural connection to the land and an equestrian heritage that draws inspiration from the surrounding countryside. The Ranch is a place for family traditions, friendly neighbors, and ample possibilities for living active, healthy, and happy lives. All of these things are part of our “Live True” lifestyle.

That’s why we’re proud to call Aubrey, Texas home. It’s one of those rare places where folks are grounded in their history and a shared sense of community. Our residents and our neighbors throughout Aubrey and the surrounding area are big on family and a healthy work-life balance, not to mention a genuine respect for nature. People in Aubrey love their homes and the North Texas landscape, and so do we.

These same qualities drew our developers to Aubrey, Texas when it came time to build Sandbrock Ranch. We saw the values that we wanted to embody in our community reflected in this North Texas town with its rich history and vibrant community, and we sought to build a welcoming, comfortable neighborhood beneath the big Texas skies, where folks embrace simple pleasures and thrive in a community they are proud to call home.

As we said, we also wanted to build a community that was inspired by an equestrian heritage and that shared our love of horses. And that definitely drew our developers to Denton County and Aubrey, Texas.

Aubrey Fact #3: Aubrey, Texas is often called “the horse capital of Texas” due to the town’s moderate climate, high-quality soil, and scenic surroundings, which all create ideal conditions for horse breeding.

Aubrey is nestled right smack in the middle of Texas “horse country,” and the sandy, fertile land and moderate climate around the North Texas town have attracted plenty of horse ranchers to the area. In fact, the region boasts one of the largest concentrations of horse farms in the country, and residents can see all kinds of horses—Paints, Appaloosas, Arabians, quarter horses, and so many more—with a simple drive through the lovely countryside. You might even see some of the same horse breeds grazing in meadow by the Sandbrock Ranch model home park! Texas horse country is a place like few others, so it comes as no surprise that the folks who live in and around Aubrey are in love with the majesty, freedom, romance, and unbridled spirit of the horses that call this area home.

Aubrey Fact #4: Even though horse ranching is a major part of Aubrey’s cultural heritage, so is growing and harvesting peanuts!

Another of Aubrey’s most famous historic landmarks is the old peanut mill by the railroad. While cotton production may have helped build the town in the late 1800s, peanuts were Aubrey’s number-one crop by the 1980s, with an average of around 3,000 tons of peanuts processed through the local drying plant each year.

When harvest time came, the people around Aubrey would go from field to field, helping their neighbors with the harvest. This sense of community is part of what makes Aubrey such a special place. While these massive peanut harvests may be a thing of the past, that sense of community and working together for the betterment of all still stands strong.

Residents celebrate Aubrey’s former cash crop every year with the Aubrey Peanut Festival on the first Saturday in October! The free festival involves plenty of peanuts and peanut-infused dishes to try, but there’s also a lot more, including live music, local dance, and everything you could ever want to know about Aubrey’s history and about peanuts!

These are just a few of the things that make our hometown of Aubrey, Texas so unique and special. It’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and best places in North Texas, too! Ray Roberts Lake State Park is just a short drive away. You can enjoy camping and hiking, ride your horse, rollerblade, go backpacking, or swim at the beach! There’s also the Greenbelt Corridor Park, a multi-use trail that follows the Elm Fork Branch of the Trinity River for over 20 miles.

We already mentioned that Aubrey was famous for horses and peanuts, but did you know about tulip season in North Texas? It lasts from mid-February to late March, and it’s too beautiful to be missed. Fortunately, the famous Texas-Tulips nursery and you-pick fields in Denton County are right by Aubrey, Texas!

If we haven’t already made it abundantly clear, we love living in Aubrey, Texas. After all, Sandbrock Ranch was designed to provide a welcoming community that mixes small-town charm with Southern hospitality, all of what Aubrey has in spades!

Life is good at Sandbrock Ranch in Aubrey, Texas. There’s always something happening in the vicinity, so we encourage everyone to visit the City of Aubrey or the Aubrey Chamber of Commerce websites for all the latest news and events. Fill out the form below to stay up-to-date on news, tips, and events that affect the residents of our master-planned community in Aubrey, Texas.

If you love Aubrey, share the love by sharing this article on social media, or visit the official Sandbrock Ranch Facebook page and share what you love about Aubrey or tell us about some of your Aubrey favorites!

Want to know what makes a “Live True” lifestyle like the one we enjoy at Sandbrock Ranch? It’s all about close family, good neighbors, a close-knit community, and an unbreakable connection with the land. Those are values that we share with the rest of Aubrey, Texas, and they’re the values that you’ll find when you come to live at Sandbrock Ranch!

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