5 Tips for School Success at Home

August is back-to-school month, even if, right now, heading back to school may mean distance learning and virtual classes at home. Sandbrock Ranch is zoned for three schools in Denton Independent School District, Union Park Elementary, Rodriguez Middle School, and Braswell High, and they all start back on August 26.

Of course, Sandbrock Ranch is also partnering with Denton ISD to build a future on-site elementary school. In the meantime, the unique nature of the 2020 school year may have some parents scratching their heads about how to get the most out of classes when students may not be spending as much time physically in a school building as they normally would. That’s okay! This school year is going to have its own unique challenges, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or lost at sea.

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make the most of your home’s space and your daily routine as your family resumes school. These tips may seem familiar to many parents, because they also apply to optimizing your space and staying productive when you’re working from home!

  1. Separate ‘Play’ and ‘Family’ Spaces – Assign a specific area of the house where the kids will always do their schoolwork. This gives students the ability to focus exclusively on their studies and also allows them to separate “class time” from “play time.” This minimizes distractions and helps them stay focused, and it’s also good for their ability to “unplug” and enjoy quality time with family when they’re done with schoolwork for the day. Set up a dedicated “desk” or other work space for schoolwork, and be sure it’s a comfortable desk chair!

  1. Stay Organized – Staying organized yourself and helping your students do the same not only sets a good example and fosters a sense of responsibility, it can help teach your kids valuable life skills both in and out of the classroom. Take advantage of your home’s ample storage space to teach your students how organization skills can streamline their school and home obligations. In the classroom, kids have systems in place to help them stay on task and on top of deadlines. Put something similar into effect at home such as wall planners, whiteboards, printed schedules or calendars, whatever systems your little learners may need to establish and maintain a well-organized routine. Make it fun and personalized to the needs, interests, and personality of your students.
  1. Maintain a Sense of Routine – The school week routine for students continues, even at home. Help kids maintain a set schedule and make sure they’re waking up, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and starting their studies at the same time every day, even when they’re not actually in the classroom. This not only helps students start the day on track, it also provides a sense of normalcy and a structure to their day that helps students learn and feel secure and confident.

  1. Include Breaks and Exercise – Recess can be just as important as class time! Encourage your students to take breaks and get some fresh air and exercise. It’s easy to spend time in the great outdoors here at Sandbrock Ranch, where we have plenty of green spaces, pocket parks and nature trails. Our homes also have spacious front and back yards that are great places to get some fresh air and exercise during shorter breaks.

  1. Bring the School Spirit Home – Decorate your students’ space with things that remind them of school and help them remember that they’re a part of the community, even during this unique time. Sandbrock Ranch residents have neighbors that are fellow classmates – even if they happen to be next door instead of at the next desk over. Take advantage of some of our amenities and outdoor areas to get together safely.

The sense of community that we enjoy here at Sandbrock Ranch helps to remind students and families that the school experience can be adapted to learning at home. Our award-winning master-planned community in North Texas embraces what matters most: family, friendships, meaningful experiences, and, of course, our children. It’s not hard to see how students’ connections with teachers and classmates can continue even while they’re distance learning. Parents can even stay in touch with other parents in the community online and share ideas and solutions that help all our students learn.

If you’re looking for North Texas homes near acclaimed schools, search our move-in-ready homes for that new home in Texas you’ve been dreaming about or take a virtual tour to see how our community makes it easy to live, learn, and make the most of each and every day.

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