MPC 101: What is a Master-Planned Community?

There has never been a better time to shop for a new family home. Builders are hard at work turning out beautiful, spacious, affordable homes, interest rates are low, and dream homes in North Texas are move-in ready and loaded with incredible amenities!

In a market like that, new-home shoppers who are thinking of moving to North Texas have more choices than ever before. This includes first-time home buyers and those with growing families who are increasingly looking for homes in communities that reflect their values, beliefs, and lifestyle. That’s where a master-planned community comes in. But what is a master planned community and are there any available in North Texas?

In the simplest terms, a master-planned community is just that: a residential neighborhood that has been planned, from the beginning, to offer a wide arrange of amenities, educational opportunities for school-aged children (both public and private), attractive landscaping, unique architectural design, careful standards that ensure all homes are up to an exacting level of quality, and even retail opportunities and restaurants. And yes, there are absolutely master-planned communities in North Texas, and a prime example is Sandbrock Ranch!

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Most master-planned communities incorporate different sizes and types of houses, at different price points, to accommodate different individuals, families, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a new family just starting out, someone who is looking to move from an apartment into something a little (or a lot) more spacious, or an empty nester who wants to downsize and simplify, there’s a perfect home waiting for you in a master-planned community. You’ll find starter homes for first-time home buyers, homes for retirees, and everything in between. All of these homes are linked by shared common areas, amenities, and ideals, such as the Live True Values shared by Sandbrock Ranch, a master-planned community in Aubrey, Texas.

Most master-planned communities are more than just a collection of houses. They’re neighborhoods that vary in size, and they offer residents an opportunity to really build a community with like-minded neighbors through shared amenities such as swimming pools, lakes, playgrounds, and greenspaces.

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Benefits of Master Planned Communities

With home builders creating different kinds of new construction homes in a range of sizes on multiple lots, master-planned communities offer a variety of choice when it comes to homes. Whether you’re buying a house for the first time, looking for more space, moving to the North Texas area for a job, downsizing, retiring, or simply wanting to live the good life in North Texas, you’ll find move-in-ready homes from Perry Homes, David Weekley, Highland Homes, and more at the Sandbrock Ranch master-planned community in Aubrey.

A home in a master-planned community is also a great investment opportunity. Right now, interest rates are low, property values are high, and most master-planned communities are located in growing regions close to major cities and filled with opportunities for work, education, and play. When you buy a new home in a master-planned community, you’re making more than a financial investment, though. You’re also investing in your family’s future and your quality of life, thanks to all the great amenities, events and activities, and neighbors that soon become friends!

Speaking of amenities, the best master-planned communities have all that you could ask for. At Sandbrock Ranch, our Lifestyle Director Gretchen (we like to call her the Director of Fun) helps all of our residents enjoy the Live True Lifestyle to the fullest. Events she plans include holiday celebrations, murder mystery parties, mixology classes, floral design workshops, fitness courses, and other fun activities for all ages. Residents also enjoy permanent amenities such as nature trails, our dog park, and fully stocked fishing lakes, all paid for and maintained through affordable HOA dues. They’re also looking forward to the splash pad and swimming pools reopening.

Above all, a master-planned community offers a greater sense of community. It’s right there in the name, after all. At Sandbrock Ranch, our Live True Values emphasize what matters most in life: family and friends, connecting with nature, and always finding fun along the way. At our master-planned community in Aubrey, Texas, your neighbors will become friends, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your day with amazing lifestyle activities, fun amenities, and nearby opportunities for education, shopping, work, and play. Even pets love the community at Sandbrock Ranch!

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There’s never been a better time to shop for a new home for you and your family, and there’s never been a better place to do it than the Sandbrock Ranch master-planned community in North Texas.

Our Live True Lifestyle means that you and your family will enjoy a close-knit community filled with good neighbors, special times, new traditions, fun adventures, and breathtaking views of the Texas landscape every day. That’s what’s waiting for you at Sandbrock Ranch, along with move-in-ready homes for any family and a first-class HOA that helps make sure that our community stays one-of-a-kind.

If you want to learn more about what a master-planned community like Sandbrock Ranch has to offer – or if you’d like to tour the home of your dreams today – just fill out the form below for more information or come visit us on the Ranch any old time.

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