Why Your Pet is Going to Love Sandbrock Ranch

Here in North Texas, we love our pets, especially our dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, Texas ranks ninth in the nation for dog ownership, with 44% of Texas households owning at least one dog.

Dogs are our constant companions, our helpers, our confidants, our protectors, our best friends, and members of our family, so it’s no surprise that when we go looking for a new home, we look for homes in pet friendly communities that will benefit our four-legged friends as much as ourselves.

There are lots of good reasons for choosing communities with dog parks when looking for a new home for you and your family – including its four-legged members! Here are the top four reasons why you and your pet are going to love living in our master-planned community at Sandbrock Ranch!

Little Dog Running at the Dog Park

Exercise and outdoor space

We love dogs, but let’s face it: Dogs have a lot of energy. Sometimes they have more than we can handle! Fortunately, with all the access to the great outdoors that you and your best friend can enjoy at Sandbrock Ranch, you won’t have to worry about Rover being cooped up all day. Instead, he can unleash all that energy in a healthy and fun way!

Besides the 1.6-acre Scout’s Corner Dog Park, Sandbrock Ranch is home to more than 6 miles of walking and bike trails that you can both enjoy. A recent article published by Better Cities for Pets outlined why green space is so important for our furry friends. One of the key takeaways was that dog owners should look for dog parks in pet friendly communities to reduce the risk of injury when playing and exercising outdoors. That leads us to our next point:


A pet friendly community knows that your pet is a part of your family and puts the safety of your pet first. Scout’s Corner Dog Park in Sandbrock Ranch is a safe outdoor play space for dogs of all sizes. You’ll find designated areas for large and small dogs and a double-gated entry with high iron fences to keep everyone safe and sound. Plus, there’s a nice shaded area for dog owners who want to stay out of the sun while Fido has a blast. You won’t have to worry about your pet getting too thirsty after all that fun, either. Scout’s Corner also offers watering and washing stations to help keep your pet clean and hydrated!


We all know that exercise is good for us and our pets, but did you know that your dog also needs the company of other dogs? You may be Daisy’s best friend, but according to the PawPrint Blog from PetSafe, socializing with other dogs will actually help improve her social skills and help her behave better around the house. Plus, Lassie won’t be the only one who benefits. While Rover runs leash-free in the park to his heart’s content, meeting other dogs, you’ll have a chance to get to know other dog owners in your neighborhood.

Being part of a community

And speaking of your neighborhood, an article from Humana on Why Pets Make You Happy suggests that pets help you feel more connected to the pet friendly community where you live. Whether you’re chatting with another dog owner at the dog park or just visiting with a neighbor while you and Fido are out for a walk, you’ve got an enthusiastic, four-legged icebreaker that will help you get to know your neighbors and other pet owners. You can build friendships and get advice about the best vets, pet stores, and training classes in the area. Plus, since you and your best friend will be spending more time together, you’re bound to get even closer.

Dog Lounging in Pool at Dog Park

Here are a few questions you should ask if you’re looking for a home in a pet friendly community:

  • Is there plenty of space for dogs to play in the yard? Homes at Sandbrock Ranch boast spacious, private, fenced yards for your dogs – and your kids – to play to their hearts’ content.
  • Is the community dog friendly? While having a dog park is a great start, not all communities with dog parks are created equal. Fortunately, Sandbrock Ranch and its neighbors are extremely pet friendly. Numerous resident events are focused around pets, and residents are often encouraged to bring their dogs to social gatherings, post pictures of their pets to social media, and more.
  • Is there a dog park nearby? Scout’s Corner Dog Park at Sandbrock Ranch is for residents only, providing a safe, private space for Rover to be let off the leash and socialize with other dogs.
  • Does the HOA have any pet restrictions? As a pet friendly community, there are no pet restrictions in the HOA at Sandbrock Ranch.
  • Is it located close to pet services and vets? There are many quality pet services and vet clinics just a short drive from home at Sandbrock Ranch. You’ll find several listed in our Location and Area Conveniences
Couple Relaxing with their Dogs at the Dog Park

You can find all of this and so much more at Sandbrock Ranch. If you’re looking for pet friendly communities or communities with dog parks, you and your furry friend will be right at home on the Ranch. Scout’s Corner provides a leash-free area where dogs of all sizes can play, exercise, and socialize with other dogs. Our more than 6 miles of outdoor trails and greenspaces provide places for dogs and their owners to bond and enjoy one another’s company amid the natural splendor of the great outdoors here at Sandbrock Ranch.

If you want to learn more about what our master planned community in North Texas has to offer you and your pet, or if you’re already convinced and want to buy a gorgeous, affordable, move-in-ready home in a lively, dog friendly community, just fill out the form for more information about life on the Ranch.

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