2023 Home Design Trends Include Exciting Changes to Walls and Ceilings

With 2023 already well underway, we’ve seen a great selection of articles covering some of the hottest trends in the world of interior design this year, and some of them are pretty exciting! In fact, you’ve probably heard about so many new trends that it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve done our research and found some surprising additions to the top 2023 home design trends that we’re excited to share with you and all of our residents here at Sandbrock Ranch!

Shades of Black and Other Dark Colors. For a long time, shades of black and other rich, dark colors were seen as something of a no-no in interior design, but that’s all changing. These bold, dark colors can add significant drama and impact to a room, whether they’re used in an accent wall, the trim, the fixtures, or even the appliances. While black may still be a bit much for some, plenty of other dark shades can add depth and elegance to just about any room. Chocolate browns, rich purples, charcoal grays, royal blues, and emerald greens can all achieve a similar effect while also bringing unique colors to your home that help to define your space.

Painted Ceilings. Among the leading design trends 2023 that we’ve noticed, painted ceilings rank near the top—no pun intended. In fact, they’re coming close to eclipsing the accent wall as the go-to way to give a pop of vibrant color to a room. Painted ceilings can do more than just add accents, though. They can help to define the look and feel of a space, making it feel cozier or more open or drawing attention toward specific elements of the room—or away from others. Whatever painted ceilings are being used to accomplish, it’s clear that the days of white ceilings are behind us, and 2023 is the year of the painted ceiling!

Nature-themed Wallpaper. The popularity of wallpaper seems to wax and wane, but it never goes away entirely. As we’ve all spent more time indoors over the last few years, we’ve been reminded of the importance of nature in our lives. You can only stare at your phone or your computer screen for so long without feeling like you need to get outside. Fortunately, nature-themed wallpaper can help bring the outside in! You can find plenty of wallpaper designs, from birds and flowers to vines and leaves, that bring a sense of the great outdoors and a breath of fresh air into your living space, making it feel like a soothing oasis. Nature designs, combined with the pastel shades that are among the popular design trends of 2023, create a natural richness and a calming sense of positivity. It’s a welcome escape for many of us who have been working from home more and more.

Whatever design trends you choose to embrace in your new home, there’s no better place to enjoy them than in one of the many beautiful homes crafted by our premier builders here at Sandbrock Ranch. Of course, the benefits of enjoying the “Live True” lifestyle don’t end at your front door, either. Sandbrock Ranch is full of good neighbors in a close-knit community where you can enjoy family time, be active and healthy, explore and experience, connect with nature, and always find fun in whatever you do! That’s what the “Live True” lifestyle is all about—and that’s what’s waiting for you at Sandbrock Ranch!

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