What is an Inventory Home?

Shopping for your home is an amazing milestone, whether you’re working with builders to design the home of your dreams or searching for the perfect home that has already been built. If you’re ready to move in right away and don’t want to spend months waiting for a new-construction home, then inventory homes for sale in your area are the way to go. What is an inventory home? We’ll answer that question and many others as we walk you through what you need to know about these marvelous home resources!

What is an inventory home?

If you’ve been shopping for a new home, chances are you’ve already looked at some inventory homes. You may have also seen them called “move-in-ready” homes. An inventory home is one that is under construction or has been newly built, but has not yet been occupied, and it’s likely ready or will be finished in the next few months. These are homes that builders have constructed as a showcase of their work, to give an idea of what their new construction homes will look like when they’re finished, to help fill out master-planned communities, and give buyers options when they need to move quickly. As such, they boast all the latest design trends and often have upgrades. You get the benefit of a new home, without the wait.

What are the benefits of inventory homes?

Obviously, the biggest benefit of an inventory home is that may be ready and waiting for you and your family to move in and start making memories right away! You can most likely avoid many construction delays or other unforeseen circumstances that might occur during the home-building process. But that’s just the beginning. Inventory homes for sale in your area offer a number of other benefits that may be less obvious.

For starters, often you can see the finished product before you buy it. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting without having to worry about making hundreds of small design decisions or choosing upgrades. At the same time, you’ll enjoy all the high-quality construction, fantastic details, and peace of mind that come with buying a newly built home that has never been occupied, including the fact that most inventory homes come complete with a builder’s warranty that guarantees the work on your home.

In addition, builders and/or lenders may have incentives to help get you into the home since it is a QMI or Quick Move-In Home. Ultimately, this can help you lock in your interest rate and save you money.

Not in a hurry? Inventory homes may still be a good option. Some inventory homes have been started but not yet completed. This can save you months in the construction process but may still give you an opportunity to make a few changes to the interior color options to make it yours depending on the stage of construction.

Right now, many incredible inventory homes for sale are waiting for you at Sandbrock Ranch. Our world-class builders have been hard at work creating unforgettable homes in our neighborhoods, and some of those homes are ready for you and your family to move in. All you have to do is schedule a tour and find the home that’s perfect for you. You’ll be making memories in your new home in no time.

If you haven’t already visited Sandbrock Ranch and experienced the “Live True” lifestyle, there’s no better time than the present! With all the amenities that you could ask for in a close-knit community filled with friendly faces, small-town charm, and easy access to big-city conveniences, Sandbrock Ranch is a place you’ll love to call home!

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