From the Horse’s Mouth – A New Chapter Starts Now

Get a glimpse of what life is like at Sandbrock Ranch through the eyes of Sandbrock Ranch’s very own resident, Karen H. From the first days of discovering our one-of-a-kind community to building her family’s very own dream home, read up on Karen’s experience straight from the horse’s mouth.


A New Chapter Starts Now

April 2019


Recently, my son came to see our new house for the first time. We had met in nearby Frisco to have lunch, then afterward he followed me in his car to Sandbrock Ranch. As I led him in through the main entrance, we passed Carriage House, the fishing lakes and then the Oreo cows in their meadow. I was anxious to hear what he thought about all of it. My heart began to pound a little. Would he love it like we do?


As he got out of his car at our new house, he stood for a moment, stretched and looked around. And then he smiled. He talked about the drive and how it wasn’t far from Frisco at all. He commented that he felt his whole body relax, the further we drove. That feeling was a big reason why I chose to move here. It wasn’t just a new home we had been searching for — it was an entirely new lifestyle we’d been hoping to find.


Sometimes we lead such busy lives that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Rush, rush. Commutes, work, school, kids, chores and to-do lists that never end. Even our downtime becomes exhausting — where to go, what to do — with all of it being planned down to the minute. And computers, cell phones and TV fill up all the space in between. I was ready to step away from the madness and try a different approach.


 A couple of months ago while I was packing up some boxes in preparation for our move, my mind began to think ahead about my new life and what I wanted it to look like. It was a chance to do more than just change my address. This seemed to be a perfect time in my life to shake things up. Here is what ran through my mind that day:


 Slow things down!

Put a pin it (whatever it is you’re doing) and go enjoy some downtime. Phrases from my southern childhood float through my mind…“sit a spell” and “take a load off.” Kind words used by an older generation that encouraged you to stop what you were doing, sit down and chat for a while.


Try something new.

There are many things I’ve always wanted to explore — learning to play the guitar, growing my own tomatoes, making strawberry jam and writing a book. I’m betting I’m not the only one who has list of new things waiting to be tried. What’s standing in our way? For me, it’s my Scarlett O’Hara attitude — tomorrow is another day! Which leads me to my conclusion…


Today is the day.

Not tomorrow, not next month, but today! New chapters aren’t written at once, but rather one word at a time. So it is with new habits and new ways of living our lives. Take a small step, then another. So, I’m off to make myself a cup of tea, which I’m going to enjoy while sitting on my new porch. I just heard a bird chirping, as if calling my name, telling me to join it outside. Must be another sign I’m on the right path!


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