From the Horse’s Mouth – The Carriage House Opens its Doors

Get a glimpse of what life is like at Sandbrock Ranch through the eyes of Sandbrock Ranch’s very own resident, Karen H. From the first days of discovering our one-of-a-kind community to building her family’s very own dream home, read up on Karen’s experience straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Beginning of Something Special – The Carriage House Opens Its Doors

April 2019


After several weeks of unpacking and getting settled, we have finally found some time to begin exploring Sandbrock Ranch. Great timing, too, because the Carriage House has recently opened! In case you missed out on the official grand opening and the celebratory activities, here’s my take on the day’s highlights.


Hooray for Horses!

What a fun way to visit the Carriage House and model homes! Guests enjoyed being transported around in horse-drawn wagons during the Grand Opening. I’m not sure whose grins were bigger — the kiddos or the grownups. Ranch life is fun!


Paints, Pots and Pinterest

The day was sunny and bright, which made the outdoor activities even more enjoyable. As I made my way toward the open doors of the Carriage House, I spied a line of guests holding small pots of herbs. The inner gardener in me was intrigued! I snagged some basil and watched as a calligraphist customized cute terra cotta pots for each guest. This is an idea I’m definitely stealing.


Strolling around the corner, I saw an amazing full size teak horse being painted by kids and adults alike. Armed with paintbrushes and aprons, it was a true community project that will one day be a talking point on how that horse came to be part of the ranch. (Note to self, get some horse artwork for the house!)


I hadn’t even entered the doors of the Carriage House and already I was feeling so inspired by the craft projects and ranch-y, outdoorsy mood of the grand opening. I came home that evening and created a new Pinterest board on herb gardens and calligraphy pots. Who knew this move would motivate me to delve into new hobbies?


A Grand Day for a Grand House

The blue-ribbon champion of the community has to be the Carriage House. Built as a place for folks to gather, have fun and enjoy life at the ranch, it’s a stunning masterpiece. I gravitated first to the enormous fireplace and the comfy seating that surrounds it. Next, I toured the catering kitchen with its huge island built for serving large groups such as residents attending events planned by our lifestyle director. Finally, I made my way out the other side and found much more to explore.


Lakeside Leisure

It was such a joy to see so many kids interested in the play fishing rods that were provided that day. The fully-stocked fishing lakes will surely be a hit this summer. Whether young or old, all residents can cast a line and enjoy a grassy spot to lounge the day away. I gravitated to the nearby chairs and tables — a perfect spot to watch the sun set across the water.


Near the lakes is a fire pit encircled by a charming group of rocking chairs. I can imagine an evening spent swapping funny stories with new friends around the fire, while sipping on something refreshing.


Fitness and Fun in the Sun

Adjoining the Carriage House is the fitness center, which I toured during the grand opening. It’s packed with everything you need to spin, run, walk and lift your way to fitness. The center is filled with natural light and has a lovely view of the lakes.


Opening in May is the resort pool, which is destined to be a popular place for neighbors to gather and meet. Soak up some sun or seek solace in the shade — the pool area has lots of seating choices to accommodate you. I burn easily, so you’ll probably find me relaxing in the shade with a book money.


Plant a Seed, Grow a Garden

Sometimes life uproots us and sometimes we uproot ourselves. It’s a chance to grow new roots, make new friends and to reacquaint ourselves with family members, perhaps seen in a new light in our new surroundings. I have a feeling that the Carriage House is going to be the place where those friendships, like seeds in an herb garden, will sprout, grow and flourish.


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