Why We Love Carriage House (and You Should, Too!)

A sense of community. The concept is simple, yet so meaningful. While some may dream of living in a place far removed from civilization, most of us envision a life that’s a nice balance between the need for some solitude and the need for social interaction. At Sandbrock Ranch, the Carriage House and its surrounding amenities meets all of these needs, and more.


History of Carriage House

The equestrian heritage of Sandbrock Ranch runs deep and true throughout every aspect of the community, and nowhere is it more present than at Carriage House. To fully appreciate the vision for how this extraordinary building will be utilized, it’s worth a quick look at the past. Originally built to house horse carriages, tack and hay, carriage houses on large ranches could often be quite elaborate and beautiful. It was a central spot for arriving or leaving, whether by horseback or by carriage. The original purpose of the carriage house remains the same for ours at Sandbrock Ranch — whether coming or going, or pausing for a while to chat, it’s a gathering place for residents and guests alike.

Getting Here is Half the Fun

Transportation to and from the Carriage House comes in all shapes and sizes. If it’s a warm summer day and loading up the car with the kids is the desirable option, then residents are welcome to drive on over and park in the parking lot. Or, residents simply make the short walk to the Carriage House along our miles of scenic walking paths. Ride a bike, use a scooter, or push a stroller — it’s up to you.

Get to Know Carriage House

The Carriage House is a special place. A first visit reveals fine craftsmanship and impeccable design, from the gleaming dark metal roof that contrasts sharply with the barn-like, white structure to the tall, black-framed windows that bring in an abundance of natural light. Dark green barn doors flanking the main entrance add a touch of nature to the exterior and beckon residents and guests inside.

It’s hard to know where to look first — the majestic vaulted ceiling is a showstopper, with heavy wooden beams adding the right rustic flair to the space. Framed art and collectibles are a loving reminder that this land was indeed once a horse ranch and are a nod to the original purpose for a Carriage House.

Find your Spot

Finding your favorite spot at the Carriage House might be a little hard to do, since there are so many wonderful options from which to choose. Want to sit indoors? Sink into one of the comfy chairs near the enormous fireplace; it’s a natural gathering place no matter the time of year. Feel like drinking in some of that fresh, country air? Take only a step or two outside the Carriage House doors to find shaded benches. Here for an event or class? Extra seating is provided for larger gatherings, too.

Another feature in the Carriage House is a catering kitchen with an oversized island — a well-designed area for food or refreshments served at events, or resident classes. It’s a common sight to see neighbors gathered in the kitchen during these planned activities — another “spot” to enjoy.


Lakes Gertie and Sadie

Drawn to lake views? Just steps away from the Carriage House, lakes Gertie and Sadie are where you want to be. Kick off your shoes, walk barefoot in the grass, or cast a line in these aerated lakes that are fully stocked with largemouth bass, coppernose bluegill and channel catfish. Just here for the view? The lakeside tables and chairs provide a perfect spot for sunrise meditations or end-of-day relaxation as the sun sets.


Pool & Splash Pad

Families with children will enjoy the easy beach-entry area of the resort-style pool. Also designed for our youngest ranch hands — a fun splash pad. Whether getting wet is part of the day’s agenda or not, the pool is the community’s favorite hangout spot during the warmer months. An abundance of seating options provides different ways to utilize the space. Those who prefer the shade can find refuge in the lounge chairs under the large arbor. Those wanting to soak up some sunshine can make use of the partially submerged recliners situated on the pool’s sun shelf, or nearby open-air tables and chairs. The pool features family-friendly depths and an infinity edge with a clear view to the lakes, as well.


Fitness Room

Adjacent to the Carriage House is a fitness center, well-equipped for weight training and cardio workouts, including treadmills that face a large picture window overlooking the lakes. Residents can choose to work out alone, with friends, or attend classes and seminars. Whether fitness is a solitary or social endeavor for you, the fitness center has something for everyone.


Get Back to Nature

Rounding out the amenities that surround the Carriage House are an event lawn, children’s playground and park, and recreational fields. These venues provide limitless possibilities for fun-filled days, exciting events and endless activities. Getting outdoors and connecting with nature isn’t just a core value for Sandbrock Ranch, it’s a way of life that encourages folks to unwind, relax, and embrace a lifestyle unlike any other community.[vc_gallery interval=”3″ images=”15743,15744,15745″ img_size=”full”]

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