From the Horse’s Mouth – Captivated From the First Moment…

Get a glimpse of what life is like at Sandbrock Ranch through the eyes of Sandbrock Ranch’s very own resident, Karen H. From the first days of discovering our one-of-a-kind community to building her family’s very own dream home, read up on Karen’s experience straight from the horse’s mouth.

Captivated From the First Moment…

October 2018


What was it about that first drive through Sandbrock Ranch that got us so excited? Maybe it was the winding streets that curve quietly through the community’s hills and green spaces. Or maybe it was the sight of the gentle hills, fishing lakes and walking trails. We’ve visited other new communities in the area, but this one was DIFFERENT! As we turned into the entrance, the sunflowers in nearby fields seemed to nod their heads in agreement.


Having lived in our own neighborhood for more than 15 years, our decision to find a new home was a big one. Could any homebuilder tempt me with a design so wonderful that I would want to move? Would I be able to find a plan perfect for our needs? And finally, would the pricing be equally compelling? It turns out, the answers were yes, yes and YES.


From the moment we began our tour of the model homes at Sandbrock Ranch, I felt my excitement grow. Had they peeked at my Pinterest boards? These models had all the things I loved, from the open-concept spaces, to the gorgeous plank-tile floors, to the decor that felt so “me.” I have to confess, my heart pounded when I walked into the model that featured a farmhouse-style kitchen. We both fell hard for the model homes with 11-foot ceilings, and that’s all we could talk about on our drive to downtown Aubrey for lunch.


Have you visited Main Street in downtown Aubrey? It’s just minutes away from Sandbrock Ranch, and it is a darling, quaint area. Almost on cue, the nostalgic sound of a nearby train’s horn greeted us as we pulled up in front of World Famous Mom’s restaurant. We had a delicious homestyle meal at Mom’s and shared thoughts about the future. Perhaps there was something in the sweet tea that afternoon, but the Southern girl in me felt like I had come home. It all felt true to who we were, and where we wanted to be.


Coming up next month…such exciting progress to share! Lot selection, our design center visit and the pre-construction meeting! Oh, and we found another great place to eat. Country air makes us hungry — what can I say!

–Karen[vc_single_image image=”18793″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][lab_hs_forms hs_title=”Let us help you find your new home.” portal_id=”4151365″ form_id=”7acb97f5-8df7-4e38-92d0-91d0b42011b8″]

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