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At the Sandbrock Ranch master-planned community, we love to find fun and shop local. Fortunately, Aubrey, TX features a historical downtown shopping area that is absolutely brimming with wonderful little shops that cater to just about every taste.

It takes a lot of hustle, courage, and spirit to make a brick-and-mortar shop go, so we are always thrilled to get to know our retailer neighbors and treat them as the friends of the community that they are. It’s all part of our Live True Lifestyle and Sandbrock Ranch Values, including treating neighbors as friends (Sandbrock Ranch Value #2).

We’re also proud of our home state, and we love those who share our passion for creative southern charm. There aren’t many nearby retailers who embody this spirit better than Marisa Stover, Sandbrock Ranch resident and owner of the Casey & Co. Boutique in Aubrey.

That’s why we’re so pleased to be chatting with Marisa as part of our series of interviews with community residents who are making a difference. We learned about what brought her to our community and what inspires her every day!

As a lifelong resident of Aubrey, Marisa has served on the City of Aubrey Parks and Recreation Board, worked with the school district, and served as the Aubrey High School Football Booster Club President. She’s also the owner of the Casey and Co Boutique on Main Street.

What makes Casey & Co. unique? Every single candle, lotion, and women’s fragrance offered at Casey & Co. is made by me right here in Aubrey. We offer unique services like our candle refill program, which allows guests to bring in their own containers and have them converted into a candle with a scent of their choice. I also take great pleasure in highlighting unique, locally made products that we enjoy in our own home, and Casey & Co. has become the go-to place for Aubrey ISD approved apparel for the local Chaparrals.

What led you to open Casey & Co.? I believe in living for my family first, and I’ve always been most comfortable with fashions that are casual and timeless. I’ve found that most of my friends in Aubrey feel much the same way. Casey & Co. is a family business that helps others find unique clothing, products, and gift ideas for their family.

How much does the city of Aubrey inspire your store? I grew up in Aubrey, and so the city is such an inspiration to everything about Casey & Co. We take great pride in our location on Main Street and strive to honor the history of the building and our city. Many of the candle scents we offer at Casey & Co Aubrey, TX provide nods to the area, such as Horse Country, Southern Grace, or Tulips. I am so proud of my community, and I love to witness what my hometown is growing into!

Which accomplishment with the store has made you most proud? Casey & Co. truly is a home-grown Aubrey business, and I love to share our story and the story of our beloved brother and uncle, Casey. The only thing better is hearing the story of others who have been touched by our business. As Casey & Co. has grown, I have been blessed to hear from people who now sell our products throughout the country!

What has been your biggest lesson as a store owner? The biggest lesson I have learned at Casey & Co. is never to underestimate what can be accomplished with hard work and the support of an amazing family and community.

What have you learned about the Aubrey community since opening a local business? Aubrey may be a small town—and we wouldn’t have it any other way—but since opening Casey & Co., I have learned that big things can happen here! When we started this journey, I could never have imagined that we would be embraced so much by so many.

What advice would you give someone who’s thinking of starting their own business? The best advice I can give someone starting their own business is to be flexible and grow where you are planted! A business is like a member of the family; listen to it, and it will tell you what it needs. Be true to your authentic self and work hard.[vc_single_image image=”20095″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”]What inspires and motivates you? My biggest inspiration is my family (Sandbrock Ranch Value #1). Our life is a constant adventure that provides endless inspiration to look back on the good times and mark life’s wonderful milestones.

What role does your store play amongst the Sandbrock Ranch community? We are in love with our new community here at Sandbrock Ranch! We have partnered with the community to create a signature Sandbrock Ranch candle that I hope our neighbors are enjoying. We feel so at peace as we enjoy the quiet nights walking the nature paths and playing with our best friends at the new dog park. The preservation of nature in the community reminds me of the Aubrey of my childhood.

What does being a Sandbrock Ranch resident mean to you? For my family, Sandbrock Ranch represents the unique opportunity to create our forever home in a place that has been my home forever. Aubrey is such a huge part of who I am, and I’m so grateful for the chance to share this special place with my new neighbors.


This is the second in our continuing series of interviews highlighting residents of Sandbrock Ranch who are part of the fabric of our community. Stay tuned for more interviews with our neighbors and friends in the future.

At Sandbrock Ranch in Aubrey, TX, we believe in the importance of treating our neighbors as friends, and we also believe this extends to our neighboring towns and all those local small-business owners. Please share this interview on social media so that everyone in our community gets a chance to meet Marisa Stover of Casey & Co. And if you’re visiting Aubrey, TX, don’t forget to stop into her retail shop. Casey & Co. Boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 11:00 am, and it’s simply filled with all things cozy and comfortable!

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