Fun Facts About Our Oreo Cows for National Cow Day!

July is a month filled with many celebrations, and although most of us may be looking forward to the one with all the fireworks and barbecue, there’s another holiday this month that we’re pretty excited about here at Sandbrock Ranch: National Cow Day!

When is National Cow Day? It falls on July 11, and it’s a day to celebrate our friends the cows and all they bring to this world. It’s also a good reminder to advocate for the humane treatment of our bovine buddies. Here at Sandbrock Ranch, we love our cow neighbors, the herd of Belted Galloways—you may have heard them called “Oreo Cows”—who live alongside us right here on the Ranch.

national cow day

If you haven’t yet met our Beltie friends, today’s a great day to do so. Seven cows live on site, and each one has a unique personality. Come visit today and meet Bandit, Cookies & Cream, Double Stuffed, Mud Pie, Ginger, Tux, and Domino! If you’re not already familiar with the breed, we’ve assembled some fun facts about our Oreo Cow neighbors to celebrate National Cow Day:

  • Why are Belted Galloways frequently called “Oreo Cows?” If you’ve ever seen one, you know! Their unique black-and-white coat pattern resembles a delicious Oreo cookie!
  • Why do they look like that? Sure, their unique coloration makes them look pretty, but it also helps to regulate the cow’s temperature. The black stripes absorb sunlight while the white stripe reflects it.
  • Thanks in part to that coloration, Belted Galloways can live in a variety of climates, even someplace very cold. They originally hail from Scotland, as you might have guessed from the name. They were introduced to the United States in the early 1950s, but you still don’t see them around here too often.
  • Besides their distinctive color pattern, our Belties have other advantages to help them survive in various climates, including a double coat. The long outer coat helps to protect the cows from rain, while the shorter undercoat provides warmth.
  • Belties are considered a medium-sized cattle breed that is known for being docile and good-natured. Our friends here at the Ranch certainly are! Momma Belties can be very protective of their calves, though.
national cow day

We love our Oreo Cows! They’re around the Ranch every day, but there’s no better day to come by for a visit than on National Cow Day. If you do, be sure to use the #NationalCowDay hashtag so we can appreciate any selfies you take with the herd!

Paying a visit to our Oreo Cows is just one of the many ways that Sandbrock Ranch residents can Connect with Nature, Explore and Experience, and always Find Fun along the way. It’s all part of our “Live True” lifestyle. To learn more and find the home of your dreams, come visit us at Sandbrock Ranch today! Say hello to the cows while you’re here!

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